Every day we‘re confronted with adds that are just on the second glance about the actual product.
Naked, normed bodies dominate advertising and are mirroring (not only) sexist dynamics in society.
Slogans like “Beware of gender equality!” or “Astronauts are directing traffic” (in German the word used for “traffic” – “Verkehr” – is also a word for intercourse) are placed on advertising pillars and panels, on websites and in TV-spots.
The topic’s not new, but it’s still up to date: Sexism still sells.
At the workshop, we want to take a closer look at the correlation between sexism and advertising on the basis of current examples. What kind of gender roles are represented in advertising? Which aspects are emphasized? What is masked or hidden? Which social norms are being reproduced? What does that tell us about gender equality in 2013?
But it’s not ‚only‘ about “sexism”; sexism is always linked to other relations of power. How does advertising strengthen gender binary? To what extend is heterosexuality declared to be the norm? What role are racist stereotypes playing? Which bodies and abilities are represented as being the norm? And where is all that linked to capitalist conditions?
Is the tendency to represent more diversity in advertising a solution to the problem? Is there such a thing as ‚good‘ advertising? Why or why not? How can we fight sexist advertising? And very important: What are counter-strategies

Inga Nüthen (reflect e.V.)