The book tries to show the different stories and theories of queer_feminism and gives examples on what kinds of action and resistance are bound together under the term queer_feminism, today. This involves not only demonstrations and subculture, but also the political everyday life.
What is queer_feminism? What responsibilities rise from the term and how much potential is there to act? Hegemonic history reduces feminist claims on queer battles that take place mainly in the interest of certain, socially privileged groups of people and make those invisible, which have always been part of queer feminist activism.

Initially, within the German-speaking areas, the connecting lines, gaps and conflicts of the queer_feminist history and presence, are tried to be shown and debated. Along with this, examples of queer feminist practices, interventions and activism are presented. In the course of this the re-occurring conflict and its limits are critically examined. Nowadays Queer feminist activism often works with the claim of different power relations and how to fight with its entanglement. How will this often expressed claim be implemented in practice, and what are the limits of the implementation?

Leah Bretz and Nadine Lantzsch