„Gender“ as a category, has historically shown productive for capitalist production. Wages could be lowered: women’s wages are still significantly lower than men’s wages. Women within the „crisis times“, were forced out of the working market, due to the ideology of „a woman belongs in the kitchen“ – the result: they did not show up on the balance sheet of the private entrepreneur.
At the same time, sex and sexuality set the goals of capitalist production. People behave themselves sexually and constantly represent themselves as „man“ or „woman“. This works with many products, such as clothing, hobbies, fitness, adventure and travel reports. With these products, you are able to insure your “feminity” or “masculinity”, and are also seen so by their peer group.
Based on an analysis of gender, the capitalist mode of production, and the current update (individualization, flexibility) approaches on queer-feminist capitalism criticism are discussed.

Heinz – Jürgen Voss