Dear participants,
Dear interested people,

we need your help..

..Advertizing – for all kinds of advertizing we are grateful. Feel free to link to our site from your blog or web-site using this image:

..Awareness – to start thinking about how we wanna interact at the camp we will have a discussion on May 11th. Here you can read the inviation.

..Cars – We definitely need cars or busses and transporters to bring material to the camp. Please write us if you can help us out.

..Cooking – Even so we found two groups who help us cooking, we still need people who wann help cutting vegetables and so on.

..Finances – we need more money for the realization of this camp, because some included grants didn‘t work out, as we wanted. It would simply help, if you would ‚just‘ donate some money.

..Setting up and taking down of the Camp – will start on Thursday 6th of June at 1 pm and the taking down will start on Monday 10th after the evaluation. You are heartly welcome to join us here.

..Translation – this considers for example translatings of our program for the camp or acting as interpreters at the camp. The same way we would be happy about some people, who can communicate and translate in sign language.

And thanks to all who have already been writing an email, you are a great support.